Centralia IL, 2020 – Long Course Nationals

What’s Up Doc Racing Team

Our racing team is from Grove, OK., and we participate in outboard boat racing throughout the midwest. The  team has over 70 years of combined hydroplane boat racing experience.

Rick Miller

Rick started racing at age 14. After 38 years, he has compiled one of best records in the history of the sport. In APBA (American Power Boat Association), he was the winner of two Bob Gollor Awards (high point) and is a five time Hall of Championship inductee. Rick holds both the 3/4 and 1 mile completion 400 Mod Hydro record in APBA. He has won the High Point Driver of the Year in the National Boat Racing Association (NBRA). During his racing career he has a record of 86 National Championship wins (10 in 2016) in AOF (American Outboard Federation), APBA and NBRA, which are the most wins of any driver in the sport. Rick is a practicing dentist with Grove Dental Associates.

Braxton Miller

Braxton, driving since the age of 10, is an upcoming star in the sport of outboard racing. In APBA, he broke a speed record in the J hydro class and has won several Winter National races. He finished 2nd in the “D” hydro at the APBA National Championship in 2015 at Wakefield, Mi. At the age of 18, he has won the National Boat Racing Association’s National High Point of the year four times. He has won 35 championships both national and North American championship races.

Leonard Miller
Crew Chief

Leonard is a retired driver with four APBA championship wins and five AOF championship wins. A past president of AOF and life time member of both NBRA and AOF. He is responsible for race preparation for 13 motors and 10 boats.

Charley Holman
Crew Member

Charley is from Branson, Mo. and has been helping in the pits with the set up and break down of the race equipment. He was a active racer for many years and a member of the Mercury High Performance team.

John Ruff
Crew Member

John Ruff is an important part of our race team. John is our Swiss Army knife, wearing many hats. John has begun to announce for NBRA adding his many years of experience in outboard racing. For our race team he drives the motor coach and he loves to cook. Guess what, our team loves to eat. Thanks John.

While it is great to win, our goal is to have fun and to compete in the sport.

2019 Point Standings

A Hydro:
1st - Rick Miller - 3900pts. National High Point Champion
10th - Braxton Miller - 800pts.

B Runabout:
2nd - Braxton Miller - 400pts.

C Stock Hydro:
1st - Braxton Miller - 4600pts. National High Point Champion
13th - Rick Miller - 525pts. (-2)

B Hydro:
3rd - Rick Miller - 2425pts. (-1)

C Modified Hydro:
1st - Braxton Miller - 4400pts. National High Point Champion

Modified 25 Hydro
5th Braxton Miller - 1325pts. (-1)

D Runabout:
3rd - Braxton Miller - 2250pts.

D Hydro:
1st - Braxton Miller - 3900pts. National High Point Champion

Super E Runabout:
6th - Braxton Miller - 1050pts. (-1)

Super E Hydro:
10th - Braxton Miller - 800pts. (-1)

Overall High Point Driver:
1st - Braxton Miller - 19525pts. Overall High Point Champion
7th - Rick Miller - 6850pts. (-3)

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In The Barn

2020 NBRA Racing Schedule

  • April 24-26 Tunks @ Pineville, LA – Cancelled
  • May 8-10 Forsyth, MO – Cancelled
  • June 12-14 Grove, OK
  • July 3-5 Clarksville, AR
  • July 10-12 Pineville, LA – Cancelled
  • July 23-26 USTS Race (NBRA Invited) DePue, IL
  • August 7-9 Centrailia, IL (Long Course Nationals)
  • August 21-23 Corsican, TX (Short Course Nationals)
  • Sept. 11-13 Jacksonville, Il.

Races in 2020 but count towards 2021 points:

  • October 2-4 Pineville, LA
  • October 2-4 Seattle, WA

Thunder On Wolf Creek – June 12-14, 2020

Racing News

Centralia IL, 2020 – Long Course Nationals

Centralia IL, 2020 – Long Course Nationals

The What's up Doc? Racing team finished the NBRA National Championship with 5 National Wins. Rick Miller scored his 101st and 102nd win with a first and second in both the A and B hydro classes and winning on time (fastest time) over Rhett Hebert. Braxton Miller took...

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Lightning On Ludwig 2020

Lightning On Ludwig 2020

Good luck and bad luck fell on the What's Up Doc? Race team. We crashed our C mod hydro twice on Sunday. Wes Rogers failed to turn and Braxton collided with him in turn one. The boat has serious damage and can no longer run. Braxton won D runabout and hydro, won one...

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Braxton Inducted into Hall of Champions

Braxton Inducted into Hall of Champions

Above: Len, Braxton, and Rick Miller. We had a great weekend in Seattle for the APBA National Meeting and Hall of Champions ceremony. Braxton was inducted into the Hall of Champions for his first time after a great year. We had fun touristing a little in downtown...

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End of 2019 Racing Season

End of 2019 Racing Season

It’s fitting to end the race season with a photo of Braxton Miller testing his Y80 very early in the year. For those who may not know, testing is one the most important activities in the sport of boat racing. Most of us failed to do enough of it. The Y80 was build in...

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Braxton sets new world record

Braxton sets new world record

Braxton Miller sets new world record for surveyed one mile course,  driving a B Stock Hydro. Photo (LR):  Leonard Miller, John Ruff, Charlie Holman, and Braxton Miller.

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Where It All Began

Rick Miller – APBA Propeller Magazine, October 2016

Braxton Miller wins 400 mod hydro class at APBA Winter Nationals.

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Tunks, Alexandria LA – May 18-20, 2018

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