The winter is releasing its grip on Oklahoma with some warm days that gets us out in the boat barn. We ordered a laydown D hydro from Jason Dirkson who has built most of our newer boats. There are only a few boats that are participating in the laydown form in stock racing. Because of the three surgeries on Braxton’s knee we wanted to take some stress off his knee. We should have it ready for the early May race at Clarksville, AR.

Braxton attend mechanic school in Elkhart, IN, this past weekend. The course was sponsored by USTS Racing Association.

A team of drivers, former drivers and mechanics will attend the Winter National in Jesup, GA, April 2-6. Tony and Terry Anderson will bring their Super E hydro for Braxton to drive. He will also drive What’s Up Doc? boats including the 350, 500 hydro and runabout, and the 400 hydro. Rick will drive a 400 hydro as well.

Patrick Kane’s boat and Mercury motor will travel on our trailer. He will compete in the AX class on Saturday and Sunday.

The support team will be John Ruff, Len Miller, Sylvia Kane and Charley Holman.